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Our mission  Out For The Win aims to normalise LGBTQI-people in sports and empower youth to feel comfortable in their own skin, by increasing the visibility of the LGBTQI-community in all sports and sportclubs through storytelling

Our name — “Going out for the win” reflects every athlete’s goal. A real athlete is competitive, aims for nothing less than victory and wants to be the first to cross the finish line. Our goal is for everyone to feel perfectly at peace with themselves, both inside and outside the pitch lines. “Being out” is not that simple nowadays, far less in sports. Athletes usually postpone their outing until after their career in sport. When hiding a part of yourself, one should never underestimate the heavy burden you have to carry and we do believe this could actually affect your performance. Therefore, OFTW aims to create an online platform where every athlete can read real lifetime stories and confessions of athletes that they can identify with and can take heart from. Furthermore, we want others to become aware of the ‘often cruel’ reality concerning homo-, bi-, trans-, and intersexuality that still exists in sports in 2017. Together, we can give young athletes the strength to be themselves and show them to never be ashamed for who they are. That is our aim, our victory, our finish line.

Our logo — The OFTW logo images a square, divided into three pieces. A box at first sight… Actually, what we really aim to symbolise, is that we want to stop “pigeonholing”, as we literally break the square. We want to break through the current conservative and stigmatized prejudices. The three irregular pieces refer to the diversity within sports and the LGBTQI-community. Despite this diversity we strive to form one whole, a strong unity. Only then, standing strong together, we can reach our goals. The two lines also refer to pitch lines. Lines that mark the difference between inside and outside, goal or no goal, victory or defeat. ‘Out’ may usually refer to defeat in sports terminology, however, OFTW hopes to show that ‘out ‘ has a positive meaning too. Not only outside the lines, but also on the playing field.


meet our team

Arlena Darragas

Founder & Staff worker

LGBTQ* youth coach and educator at Wel Jong / Out For The Win.


Founder & Board member

Hiking, diving & working out at the gym. Rainbow activist

Margot Gysbrechts

Spokesperson & Board member

“Stand for what’s right, even it means standing alone.”
Creative and sensitive soul for LGBTQ+ rights


Board member

I want to change the world! Small steps can become very big and every little bit helps!

Stefanie Huenaerts




Nancy Christiaens






C’est la vie, ma chérie 😉

Hanne Hiel

Project leader

Liv Pijpers


View the world with een look of love








Board member

86 400 seconds every day, make them count.


meet the athletes who support OFTW

Oshin Derieuw

WBF world boxing champion • Boxing Club Héninois • Motto: Be your Own Legend

Charlotte Deldaele

International Triathlete from Belgium • Team EFC-ITC • Straight Edge ✖️


Footballer in heart and soul. Matthias (he/him) came out of the closet with his football team and has since been working for more inclusion in the world of football and sports for years.


Powerlifter and strength coach. Alexi (any pronouns) founded an inclusive strength sports club in 2020 under the name of Zacht Beton. Their mission? Making strength sports accessible and welcoming for everyone!

Felix Capon


Being lgbtq+ can be challenging especially in the sports world. Luckily Out For The Win opens up the conversation about being out and proud as an athlete. As a queer man i totally look up to this initiative and love to spread this message.
Oh and girl, these shirts look cute so go splurge!

Kim Meylemans

I decided to join the OFTW Team because I wanted to do more. I’ve always been open about my sexual orientation but with things not getting better (in some European countries even worse) I just felt like that wasn’t quite enough anymore. I want to take on a more active role and be able to really help make things better for the next gen.

Hannah Wilkinson

Professional Footballer and Member of the New Zealand National Team • Plays music when she’s not on the pitch • Nike Athlete • Whangarei, NZ