Felix Capon

Being lgbtq+ can be challenging especially in the sports world. Luckily Out For The Win opens up the conversation about being out and proud as an athlete. As a queer man i totally look up to this initiative and love to spread this message.
Oh and girl, these shirts look cute so go splurge!

Oshin Derieuw

Belgische boksster, bokst voor ???????? • WBF Wereldkampioen boksen • Boxing Club Héninois • Be your Own Legend

Charlotte Deldaele

Internationale Triatlete voor België • Team EFC-ITC • Straight Edge ✖️•????️‍????

Hannah Wilkinson

Profvoetbalster bij Sporting CP (PT) en Nationaal Team van Nieuw-Zeeland • Olympian • Nike Atleet • Whangarei, NZ ????????????‍????