Alexi’s take on gender and sports

Practicing sports should be empowering, strengthening, inclusive. It shouldn’t be such a fight for anyone to take even the first steps into any type of sport. If you want to keep sports fair and honest, like so many anti-trans voices out there claim, you welcome trans and intersex people – both in amateur and elite sports. Banning someone from participation is as far removed from the olympic mindset as can be.


Coming out hasn’t been an easy process for me, despite the many precedents I had in my club. You would expect that the presence of gay girls would make it easier. But being surrounded by them caused an opposite effect. I hated the idea of ​​confirming a stereotype, so I resisted.


There is next to zero representation of queer athletes in the UK, it can be a hostile environment for queer people, and not as progressive as other nations when it comes to inclusivity. I aim to change that by being visible.